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Kyotechs offers full ranges of parts for the excavators, such as Hitachi, Sany, Kawasaki, Volvo, Hyundai, Doosan, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Case and Kobelco etc. Our company policy is offer superior parts, quickly delivery and responsible service to all of our partners.


Model Name Application
K3SP36B Hydraulic Pump SK60SR, SK70SR
K3V63DTP Hydraulic Pump SK130, SK135; SH130
K3V63DT Hydraulic Pump DH120, DH130; R130, R150, R160; EC140; SK120; HD512; E312B; XCMG XE150; LG915
K3V112DT Hydraulic Pump DH220-5, DH225-7; R215-7, R225-7; EC210, EC240; SK200-1, SK200-6, SK230-6; HD700, HD820, HD1023; SH200-1, SH200-2; XE195, XE210, XE215, XE230, XE240; LG920, LG922, LG923, LG925; ZOOMLION ZE205, ZE210, ZE230, ZE260
K3V112DTP Hydraulic Pump SK200-6, SK200-6E, SK200-8, SK230-6, SK250-8, SK330-6, SK330-6E; SH200-A3, SH210-A5, SH240-A5;R215-9; SY205, SY215, SY235; XE210, XE215, XE230, XE240; LG920, LG922, LG923, LG925; JS200
K3V180DT Hydraulic Pump S320-3, S330-3, S360-3; R320-3, R320-7, R335-7; HD1250, HD1430
K3V180DTP Hydraulic Pump EC330B, EC360B, EC360C; K3V180DTP-9Y0A SH450-5, SH460-A5; DX345; CX470B; R335-7. R330-9. R330LC-9
K3V180DTH Hydraulic Pump SK450-6, SK450-6E; SH400-3, SH450-3, SH460-5; HD2045, HD2048; EX400, EX400-3, EX400-5; EC460B; R330-9, R360LC-7A; Doosan Daewoo S450-3, S400-3, S400-V; SE450-2, SE450
K3V280DTH Hydraulic Pump E385C; ZAX670-3, ZX870-3, ZX870-5, EX1200-5, EX1200-6, EX2500; EC700B, EC750D
K5V80DT Hydraulic Pump EC130, EC140B, EC140C, EC160B, EC180B; R150LC-9, R160LC-7
K5V80DTP Hydraulic Pump R140-9, R140W-9, R150-9, R150W-9, R170-7, R170W-7, R180; DX150, DH150W-7; EW145B; EC170; JS130W
K5V140DT Hydraulic Pump EC240C, LG933E
K5V140DTP Hydraulic Pump SK320-6, SK330-6E, SK330-8, SK350-6, SK350-6E, SK350-8, SK350-9; DH300-7, DX300, DX340, S300; SH300-A3, SH330-3A, SH330-1; R290-7, R305-7, R290LC-9, R305-9, R330LC-9;SY235-9; XE260C; LG925E; CX290
K5V160DTH/DTP Hydraulic Pump CX350B, CX360, CX370B; SH350-5; SY305, SY335, SY360, SY365, SY375, SY385; XE370, XE370D; JS330LC; SY285, SY305
K5V200DTH Hydraulic Pump EC460B, EC460C, EC480D; SY365, SY420, SY460, SY385-9, SY395; XE450, XE470; R450LC-7, R455-7, R480-9, R485-9, R500LC-7, R520-9; SK450-6; ZX450
K5V200DPH Hydraulic Pump E330D, E336D, E345C, E345D, E349D; SK460-8; ZX400-1, ZX450-3, ZX470-3, EX490-5, ZX470-5G; R450-7, R450LC-7; JS360, JS460; SY485, FR480, XE470
K5V212DPH Hydraulic Pump SK450-8, SK460-8, SK480-8, SK485-9; R455, R485, R505-7, R505-9, R535; XE490; SY485, SY500R, SY600R; E345D, E349D; CLG950
K7V63DTP Hydraulic Pump SK130-8, SK135SR, SK135-8, SK140-8; SK130-11, SK130SR-7, SK130UR-5, SK130SR-5, SK135SRLC-5, SK130UR-3; SH130-5, SH135, SH130-6; SY135-9, SY135-10, SY155-9; XE150; ZE150E; STRONG JCM913D; CLG915E; R125LC-9, R145LCR-9
K7V125DTP Hydraulic Pump SY235-10, SY245, SY265, SY245LC-8, SY265LC-9, SY245H; SK200-10, SK210-10, SK230-10, SK250-10; XE215D; R220-9
K7V140DTP Hydraulic Pump SK330-10, SK350-10
K7V160DTP Hydraulic Pump E330GC, E336GC
K7V180DTP Hydraulic Pump SY375, XE380; E336, E336GC, E340, E345, 345GC, E349, E352, E355, E374, 550-4341
K7V280DTP Hydraulic Pump E352GC, E349GC, E374GC, E374F; SDLG 700HB; SY750
Model Name Application
MX50 Swing Motor  
MX80 Swing Motor  
MX150 Swing Motor  
MX170 Swing Motor  
MX173 Swing Motor  
MX200 Swing Motor  
MX250 Swing Motor MX250A0-10A-03, 2441U656F2
MX450 Swing Motor  
MX500 Swing Motor Uh121, Uh261, Uh123, Uh09-7, Uh143, Uh501, ZX120-2; MX500BO-10A-02
MX530 Swing Motor  
MX750 Swing Motor UH143; MX750CG-11A-01 UH23; MX750CCV10A-06M/300, EX1800, EX3500
M2X55 Swing Motor  
M2X63 Swing Motor SY135; XE150; LG915; ZE150; XGMA  XG815; YC135; M2X63CHB-13A-65/260 (RG06D19G9)
M2X96 Swing Motor  
M2X120 Swing Motor M2X120B-CHB-10A-49/250, EC460BLC; NEW HOOLAND, E265; EC160LC
  Swing Motor M2X120B-CHB-11A-13/280-99, E345B swing motor 123-1998
  Swing Motor M2X120B-CHB-11A-12/235, E320B swing motor 116-3550
  Swing Motor M2X120B-CHB-11A-05/235, CAT320
  Swing Motor M2X120B-CHB-10A-08/315-106, EX200-3 swing motor 4308814
  Swing Motor M2X120B-CHB-10A-64/270, EC210BLC
  Swing Motor M2X120B-CHB-10A-29/285, SK235SR YN15V00012F1
  Swing Motor M2X120B-CHB-11A-01/235
M2X130 Swing Motor M2X130CAB-10A-01/235, JS150W KLC0001 47371888
M2X146 Swing Motor M2X146B-CHB-10A-27/295, CX240 KBC0108
  Swing Motor EC240 14550094
  Swing Motor M2X146B-CHB-10A-19/325-11, EX150LC-5 4367036
  Swing Motor M2X146B-CHB-10A-22/330, EX255 4375760
  Swing Motor M2X146B-CHB-10A-13/270, EC240C
M2X150 Swing Motor M2X150-A0B10A02
  Swing Motor M2X150-CHB-10A-07/215, Daewoo Doosan SL220LC II
  Swing Motor M2X150AOB-0A-02
M2X170 Swing Motor M2X170CAB-10A-12/260, EX200 EX220 4224991, FH240
  Swing Motor M2X170CHB-11A-14/280, E375 CAT5080 111-9991
  Swing Motor M2X170-CHB ..A-00/28
  Swing Motor M2X170CAB-10A-04/230
  Swing Motor M2X170AOB-12A-01, SK250
  Swing Motor M2X170-CHB
  Swing Motor M2X170EE
M2X210 Swing Motor M2X210-CHB-10A-71M/285, JS330
  Swing Motor M2X210CHB-10A-80/290, ZX850-3 ZX870-3 9250922 4637117
  Swing Motor M2X210A0B-10A-02
  Swing Motor M2X210-CHB-10A-29/290
  Swing Motor M2X210CHB-14A-13/335, E365B 143-7977
  Swing Motor M2X210CHB-14A-12/286, E365B 1437976
  Swing Motor M2X210CHB-10A-67M/280-197, New Holland E335 Kobelco SK330LC-VI LC15V00003F1 LC15V00003F2 87332952
  Swing Motor M2X210BH, EX800
M5X130 Swing Motor M5X130CHB-10A-17B/285-122-F
  Swing Motor M5X130CHB-10A-30C-270-122, EC210B 14550091
  Swing Motor M5X130-CHB-11A030/255-122, E320C 158-8986
  Swing Motor M5X130CHB-10A-2BA/265-122, EC480D 14612482
  Swing Motor M5X130CHB-10A-20D/305-99, SK200-6E E215B YB15V00003F2
  Swing Motor M5X130CHB-10A-178/285-122, VN15V00025F1
  Swing Motor M5X130CHB-10A-1FA/250-RG11D20M1
M5X160 Swing Motor  
M5X180 Swing Motor M5X180CHB-10A-53A/225-169-D1
    M5X180CHB-10A-35B/285, E385 LC15V00013F2 72208949
    M5X180CHB-12A-51A/260-169-RG14D20A5, SY215-8
    M5X180CHB-10A-4TA/295-169 (RG20D22B3-140) Drive GP-Swing For JCM936
Model Name Application
KMX13R Control Valve KMX13RA, DH130, SH120, YC135
  Control Valve KMX13RB, XE150D
KMX15R (20-30TONS) Control Valve KMX15RA
  Control Valve KMX15RB  20 tons, SE210, SE220, SE240, SY205, SY215, SY235, CLG922D
  Control Valve KMX15NA
  Control Valve KMX15NB
KMX32N Control Valve XE490, CLG950, SY485, FR480


Model Name Application
PVD-00B Hydraulic Pump PVD-00B HYDRAULIC PUMP E301.6 E301 E301.6C 241-7971 
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-00B-15P-5G3-4451A, TAKEUCHI, TB014, TAKEUCHI, TB016
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-00B-15P-5G3-4982, KX41-3V hydraulic pump
PVD-0B Hydraulic Pump PVD-0B-9P
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-0B-12P
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-0B-15P
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-0B-18P
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-0B-21P
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-0B-24P
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-0B-20L3PS-8G-4725F
PVD-1B Hydraulic Pump PVD-1B-29L3DPS-10G-4791F
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-1B-28P-8AG4-4546A
PVD-15B Hydraulic Pump  
PVD-2B Hydraulic Pump PVD-2V-32L3DS-5S-4545Z
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-44BP-16G5-5810A
  Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-44P-120-5198A
PVD-3B Hydraulic Pump PVD-3B-56
PVK Series Hydraulic Pump PVK-0B
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-1B
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-2B
PVK-0B Hydraulic Pump PVK-0B-163-K-4827Z
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-0B-226G-PK-4220A
PVK-1B Hydraulic Pump PVD-OOB-16P-6AG3-5220A
PVK-2B Hydraulic Pump PVK-2B-505-CN-4962E, PVK-2B-505-CN-4962F, PVK-2B-505-CN-4962D, EX55, PC18MR, PC20MR,
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-2B-505-N-4554C, ZAX55, ZAX60, EX55, YC55
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-2B-505-N-4191A
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-2B-505-N-4963E
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-2B-505-N-4983B
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-2B-505-N-4962D, YC55-2
PVK-3B Hydraulic Pump PVK-3B-725-N-5269A, ZX40U-2, ZAX75, ZAX65
  Hydraulic Pump PVK-3B-725-N-5074A, ZX60USB-3, ZX60USB-3F, ZX65USB-3F
Model Name Application
PHV-1B-12B Travel Motor SK1.5; YC18; Kubota U15-3, KX36-3, K008, KX41-2, KX41-2V, KX41.2; PC14R2, PC15R8, PC07; CX18; E18C, ZX18, ZX17U-2, ZX16-3, XE17; Takeuchi TB016
PHV-2B-20B Travel Motor B18EX, B17.2; EC20; KX61-3; CX27, CX22B; PC20; TB15
PHV-3B-35B Travel Motor ZX27, ZX27U, ZX30, ZX35, ZX35U; ECR28, EC27C, EC30 
PHV-4B Travel Motor PC50, PC56; E305, E305.5, E306
PHV-5B Travel Motor PHV-5B-110A-PST-9405C, DM09, MAG-50VP-900, GM10VA, JMV047
Model Name Application
PCR-1B Swing Motor Yanmar vio17/20
PCR-3B Swing Motor PCR-3B-12A-P-9057A Drive GP-Swing
PCR-2B Swing Motor  
PCL Swing Motor PCL-120-18B-1S2-8486A Drive GP-Swing
  Swing Motor PCL-200-18B-9GS2-8084A
  Swing Motor PCL-200-18B-1S2-8401A
  Swing Motor PCL-200-18B-7S2-8654A
  Swing Motor PCL-200-23B-7GS2-8598A

KYB / Kayaba

Model Name Application
PSV-10 Hydraulic Pump  
PSV-16 Hydraulic Pump  
PSV2-10 Hydraulic Pump  
PSV2-16 Hydraulic Pump  
PSV2-55T Hydraulic Pump JCB, 130,140,150,160, KOMATSU
PSV2-63T Hydraulic Pump PSV2-63T-2, JS130 hydraulic pump
PSVD2-13 Hydraulic Pump  
PSVD2-17 Hydraulic Pump  
PSVD2-21 Hydraulic Pump  
PSVD2-25 Hydraulic Pump  
PSVD2-27 Hydraulic Pump  
PSVL-42 Hydraulic Pump PSVL-42CG
PSVL-54 Hydraulic Pump  
Model Name Application
MSF-18 Swing Motor MSF-18-16 B0440-18001 WA320-5 Fan Motor 419-03-33242
MSF-23 Swing Motor 60248398 Fan Motor SY375 SY460 SY485 SY550 SY500 SY650 SY700 SY750
MSF-45 Swing Motor E70B Swing Motor 
MSF-46 Swing Motor EX60-1 swing motor
MSF-52 Swing Motor EX60-2 EX60-3 swing motor 
MSF-53 Swing Motor  
MSF-65 Swing Motor  
MSF-85 Swing Motor MSF-85P-7, JS160 swing motor, MSF-85P, PW180 swing motor
MSF-89 Swing Motor MSF-89P-JN-V, ZX130-3 swing motor
MSF-150 Swing Motor ZX150 swing motor
MSF-170 Swing Motor MSF-170-VP 720460-51458, JS330
MSF-270VP Swing Motor ZX550 travel motor
MSF-340VP Swing Motor MSF-340VP-CB travel motor EX800, travel motor Case 9046, MSF-340VP-EH7 EX500 travel motor
MSG-27P Swing Motor MSG-27P-10E-3; MSG-27P-10E-6, SK25SR-2 swing motor PV15V00017F1; 
  Swing Motor MSG-27P-10E-14 B0250-27043, ZX25 oil motor 4600170; MSG-27P-16E; MSG-27P-18E; MSG-27P-23E, MSG-27P-23E B0250-27067
MSG-44P Swing Motor MSG-44P-21-3, E307C swing motor 171-9290 B0250-44012
MSG-50P-21 Swing Motor  
Model Name Application
MAG-12V Travel Motor MAG-12-120E-2, ZX14-3
  Travel Motor MAG-12V-120E-6
  Travel Motor MAG-12V-2, Kubota KX41-3 travel motor
  Travel Motor MAG-12V-120E
MAG-16V Travel Motor MAG-16NP-110-1
  Travel Motor MAG-16V-140-3
MAG-18V Travel Motor MAG-18V-230F
  Travel Motor MAG-18V-280E
  Travel Motor MAG-18V-350F
  Travel Motor MAG-18VP-350F-2
MAG-26V-400F Travel Motor  
MSG-27P Travel Motor MSG-27P-23E B0250-27069 KYB Swing Motor For SANY SY75 SUNWARD70/60
MAG-33V Travel Motor MAG-33V-650F
  Travel Motor MAG-33VP-500-3
MAG-50VP-800 Travel Motor  
MAG-85VP-1800E Travel Motor  
MAG-85VP-2400E Travel Motor  
MAG-150VP-5000-1 Travel Motor JS220 travel motor
MAG-170VP Travel Motor MAG-170VP-2400E
  Travel Motor MAG-170VP-3800G-S8, KBA14420 travel motor SH240-5
  Travel Motor MAG-170VP-5000-7, JS330 HD1430 SY235 SY335 SY310C SY365C travel motor
MAG-180VP Travel Motor MAG-180VP-6000G-1
  Travel Motor MAG-180VP-6000
MAG-195VP Travel Motor MAG-195VP-4700
MAG-230VP Travel Motor MAG-230VP-5000
  Travel Motor MAG-230VP-6000
Model Name Application
KVSE-36B Main Control Valve KVSE-36-9
KVSE-72 Main Control Valve KVSE-72-13
  Main Control Valve KVSE-72-10 12C3250 C0070-33053
KVSX-12 Main Control Valve  
KVSX-14 Main Control Valve  
KVMM-80 Main Control Valve KVMX18 CLG906E CLG908 DH80 JCM80 YC85 SWE90
KVMM-160 Main Control Valve SY135 SY150 SWE150 YC135 YC150
KVMG-270 Main Control Valve DH220-7, S225LC-V, S255LC-V, S300LC-V, S340LC-V, DH300-5
KVMG-400 Main Control Valve DH420 DH455 DH500


Model Name Application
AP2D21 Hydraulic Pump  
AP2D25 without solenoid valve Hydraulic Pump R55 R60
AP2D25 with solenoid valve Hydraulic Pump DH55 DH60
AP2D28 Hydraulic Pump R35-7 R60-5 R60-7 DH55 DH60 DX60
AP2D36 Hydraulic Pump R80 CAT307
AP2D38 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VG28 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VG45 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VG50 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VG56 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VG71 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VG125 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VG180 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VSO40 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VSO45 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VSO56 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VSO71 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VSO125 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VSO180 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VSO250 Hydraulic Pump  
A4VSO355 Hydraulic Pump  
A6V55 Hydraulic Pump  
A6V80 Hydraulic Pump  
A6V107 Hydraulic Pump  
A6V160 Hydraulic Pump  
A6V225 Hydraulic Pump  
A6V250 Hydraulic Pump  
A7V16 Hydraulic Pump  
A7V28 Hydraulic Pump  
A7V55 Hydraulic Pump  
A7V80 Hydraulic Pump  
A7V107 Hydraulic Pump  
A7V160 Hydraulic Pump  
A7V200 Hydraulic Pump  
A7V250 Hydraulic Pump  
A8V55 Hydraulic Pump  
A8V80 Hydraulic Pump  
A8V107 Hydraulic Pump  
A8V115 Hydraulic Pump  
A8V172 Hydraulic Pump  
A8VO55 Hydraulic Pump  
A8VO80 Hydraulic Pump  
A8VO107 Hydraulic Pump  
A8VO140 Hydraulic Pump  
A8VO160 Hydraulic Pump  
A8VO200 Hydraulic Pump  
A8VO225 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VSO28 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VSO43 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VSO45 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VSO71 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VSO100 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VSO140 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VD17 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VD21 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VD28 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VD43 Hydraulic Pump  
A10VD71 Hydraulic Pump  
A10FD Swing Motor A10FD45/52W-VSW81B1210 Drive GP-Swing
A11V130 Hydraulic motor  
A11V160 Hydraulic motor  
A11V190 Hydraulic motor  
A11V250 Hydraulic motor  
Model Name Application
SX12 Control Valve MX337 YC55 YC60
SX14 Control Valve XG809F HD250-7 DH80 FR85 ZE85 SY65 SY75
SX31 Control Valve 8TON
M4 Control Valve  
M7 Control Valve  
M9 Control Valve  


Model Name Application
JMV016 Travel Motor JMV16/10-01-VBC-RJ-54, EX30 EX35V SK025 B37-1 MAG18V
JMV021 Travel Motor JMV21/11-01-VBC-RJ-54, SK035 YANMAR B32 TB035 MAG26 PHV290-45-1R1-8045A
JMV023 Travel Motor JMV23/15-01-VBC-RJ-54, PHV300-41-1R1-8460B SOLRA035
JMV-22 Travel Motor  
JMV-23 Travel Motor KX121-3 YC35 PC40 U35
JMV-31 Travel Motor  
JMV-34 Travel Motor  
JMV-44 Travel Motor JMV44/22-01-VBC-RJ-53, R60-7 DX55 DH55 DH60-7 EC55 TM07 R555-7 R55
JMV-47 Travel Motor JMV47/27-01-VBC-RJ-45 JMV47/27-01-VBC-RJ-53, TM09 GM09 PC60-6
JMV-53 Travel Motor JMV53/34-01-VBC-RJ-53, TM09 GM09 PC75 R75-7 R80-7 R80LC-9 HX75 HX80
JMV-64 Travel Motor  
JMV-67 Travel Motor JMV67/41-01-VBC-RJ-54, R110-7
JMV-76 Travel Motor JMV-76/45-01-VBC-RJ-54, R140-7
JMV-147 Travel Motor JMV147/95-01-VBC-RP-51, R2200-7 R220
JMV-155 Travel Motor JMV155/89-01-VBC-RP-73, DX300 R3000-7
JMV-168 Travel Motor JMV168/102-01-VBC-RP-51, EC210B
JMV-185 Travel Motor JMV185/114-01-VBC-RJ-70, R3600-7 EC360B
JMV173 Travel Motor  
JMV-274 Travel Motor R450LC-7 track motor 34E7-02490
JMF-16 Travel Motor JMF-16-01-VBC-RJ
Model Name Application
JMF29 Swing Motor DH55 R60-7 DH60 R80-7 R55 DH80 YC85
JMF43 Swing Motor DH80 R60-7 SY75 
JMF64 Swing Motor R130-5 DH150-7 DX150 R150-7 R110-7 XE135
JMF68 Swing Motor JMF-68-01-VBR (14SM680119) , R110 R130-7 R150
JMF72 Swing Motor  
JMF151 Swing Motor R210-7 R215-7 R220-5 R225-7 DH225
JMF195 Swing Motor DX300LC DH300-7
JMF233 Swing Motor  
JMF250 Swing Motor EC330B EC360B EC380E EC380D EC360 R375 DX340 DH360LC-V DH370 DX380 DH420LC
Model Name Application
JMF25 Hydraulic Motor  
JMF36 Hydraulic Motor  
JMF47 Hydraulic Motor  
JPF54 Hydraulic Motor  
Link Belt

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